“Sleep Diplomat” Dr. Matthew Walker on CBD

When it comes to sleep, no one is more in the know than Dr. Matthew Walker. Nicknamed “The Sleep Diplomat”, Dr. Walker is the author of the international bestseller Why We Sleep, the Founder and Director of the Center for Human Sleep Science, professor of Neuroscience and Biology at UC Berkeley, and a prolific speaker on the topic of sleep. Recently, he spoke to Dr. Andrew Huberman on his podcast, The Huberman Lab, about sleep.

How CBD Can Help With Sleep

According to Dr. Walker, there are three mechanisms in the body that are affected by CBD:


“Recent data has come out suggesting that CBD can alter the signaling of adenosine [a naturally-occurring compound found in the body that promotes sleepiness]. So it doesn’t necessarily mean that you produce more adenosine, but what it can do is perhaps modulate the sensitivity of the brain, so that…that same adenosine is weightier in its brain signal, and therefore creates this stronger pressure for sleep.”

Quieting the Brain

“That data is actually quite strong, even with some functional imaging work that’s been coming out recently, showing that one epicenter of emotion called the amygdala deep within the brain is quieting down with CBD.”

Body Temperature

“What we’ve found in some animal models is that CBD will create a profile of hypo-thermia. In other words, it cools the body temperature down, and that’s something that we know is good for sleep.”

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